Many types of wooden items such as sofa stand, wardrobe, bed, baby seating instrument, wooden desk and chair, wall wardrobe, cabinet, baby play equipment, kitchen utensils, furniture and many other fully automatic wooden accessories and artifacts manufactured by CNC machine, vacuum machine and other woodworking machines. As the most active supplier of industrial automation equipment in the field of CNC machines, Pars Automation offers a wide range of CNC woodworking services.

Using wood in home interior decoration

Pars Automation Company, with its many years of experience and executing more than hundreds of projects in various fields of wood industry, works in various fields.

Examples of goods made using modern automation:

Chessman made with wood working machine

All beads are manufactured with 3-axis wood turning CNC machine. This machine has many capabilities in producing circular volumes such as sofa stands, side pillars, and wood carvings.

 Home door made with CNC wood working machine

In addition to the wooden door made with CNC fretwork machine, the glass cut is also manufactured with CNC glass cutting machine. All the designs are done on a computer and executed by a CNC machine.

Wooden console made with CNC wood engraving

The body of this console and its mirror are all made by the CNC machine. Side columns on the sides of the mirror are produced with a wood working machine.

Wooden statue made with CNC sculpture machine

In the first step, a scanner scans the person's face and then the computer model of the person's face will be extracted. Next, the design is executed by a CNC machine and the sculpture machine produces a wooden statue.

Application of wood in interior decoration

With the help of modern automation systems and advanced CNC machines, every idea for interior and exterior decoration is brought to life and implemented with the help of automated woodworking machines.

Wooden mirror frames produced with fretwork CNCs

Some of the most popular wooden artifacts are the photo frame and mirror frame and decor frames produced by CNC Wood Machines. Designed by design software such as Rhino and Catia and produced by CNC Machine.

Pars Automation always offers a variety of services and solutions for the most sophisticated woodworking machines.
3-axis and four-axis wood carving and engraving machine
Rotary four axis cnc machine
Elit machines and Multi Spindle Machines
Vacuum Machine PVC Wood Industry
Special Drilling Machines

Here are some examples of Pars Automation solutions for improving industrial and production lines:

cnc router

CNC Wood Router Cutting Machine for Wood and MDF, Chipboard Cutting and PVC Sheeting and...

wood turning cnc

Four Axle CNC Wood Carving Machine, Three Axis Cnc Wood Carving Machine and Two Axis...

wood engraving cnc machine

Wood fretworking Machine, CNC Wood fretworking Machine, Three Axis fretworking Machine and Four Axis Carving...

rotary 4 axis cnc machine

Rotary CNC 4 axis Wood Machines